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4 Legger Organic Deodorizing Spray

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This natural Deodorizing Spray is the ultimate between-bath companion for your dog and your go-to for keeping your pup smelling fresh and feeling fantastic.

This isn't your regular oily mess, It's a simple blend of purified water and organic essential oils, carefully blended into a light and breezy mist. 

This touch-up spray isn't just about banishing odors. It's also a freshener for your dog's bed and blanket. No more exposing your pup to those toxic commercial freshening products!

Miron glass bottles allow only infrared and UVA (ultraviolet) light to penetrate, helping to retain the high quality organic ingredients. This increases shelf life and removes the need for harmful preservatives.

1) Shake well before using.

2) Gently spray mist on your dog (avoiding the eyes) to refresh between baths.

You can also apply to bedding, car seat, favorite blanket, and more!


Purified water, organic lavender essential oil, organic olive oil, organic rose hip seed oil


Purified water, organic lemongrass essential oil, organic olive oil, organic rose hip seed oil

How long does it last once sprayed?

Like all truly natural and organic products, the scent won't last as long as a synthetic counterpart. But unlike synthetic products, it is truly safe and non-toxic!

On average, you can expect the scent to last a few hours and you can re-apply as often as needed.

Can I use the spray after a dog walk to remove environmental toxins?

Using the spray on your dog's legs and paws is a great habit to get into to remove environmental toxins picked up on your walk.

It just takes a few minutes to spray their legs and paws and wipe them down.

Is it safe to use my perfume or cologne on my dog?

Absolutely not.

Perfumes and colognes are full of synthetic ingredients linked to endocrine disruption, organ toxicity and cancer.

You should never use them on your dog

Can I spray it on my dog’s blankets, bedding, and car seat?

Absolutely! It's safe and non-toxic and does a great job at freshening up your dog's snuggle spot!

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