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"The difference was immediate. Her zeal for her boring dry food turned to excited barking."

Green Rover - Organic Fermented Greens

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Green Rover is a carefully chosen blend of immune-boosting greens. First, we added Organic Broccoli Sprouts. They're scientifically proven to decrease inflammation and protect the liver. Then we added Fermented Organic Greens from the earth and sea to supply critical trace minerals.

Green Rover is an easy and inexpensive way to support a healthy immune system and enhance liver and kidney function.

What makes Green Rover better than the rest?

It’s a Rich Source of Sulforaphane

Sulforaphane is a natural compound that activates an important anti-inflammatory pathway called NRF2. Since most chronic health issues are the result of chronic inflammation, researchers are excited about the sulforaphane’s role in disease and aging. Broccoli sprouts are the richest source of sulforaphane and we test every batch of our organic broccoli sprouts for a high sulforaphane content.

It Helps Detoxify the Liver

Every day, your dog is exposed to toxins. They’re in his food, his water and even the air he breaths. This buildup of toxins is highly inflammatory … and if this inflammation is left unchecked, it will damage your dog’s cells and eventually the organs they make up. Sulforaphane is a potent activator of phase II liver detoxification … and it activates enzymes that protect your dog’s cells from DNA damage from carcinogens and inflammatory toxins.

It's a Potent Antioxidant

When the NRF2 pathway is activated, it also activates antioxidant enzymes like glutathione. Antioxidants are substances that help limit cell damage from free radicals. Free radical buildup is a major cause of premature aging and inflammation so a steady supply of antioxidants is important for healthy dogs. This is especially true in dogs that are sick or stressed, or dogs eating an antioxidant-poor diet like cooked, kibble or canned.

Rich in sulforaphane

Our Organic Broccoli Sprouts are rich in sulforaphane ... the most potent activator of the anti-inflammatory Nrf2 pathway. Sulforaphane also activates critical Phase II liver detoxification.

Fermented greens

Green Rover contains Fermented Organic Grasses and Sea Greens. It's a naturally concentrated powerhouse of vitamins and trace minerals that support immune system function.

Greens made easy

You know greens are good for your dog ... but it can be expensive or difficult to get greens into your dog's food daily. Green Rover adds potent immune and detox benefits without the fuss or expense.

green rover ingredients

For healthy dogs: Give orally daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

For immune support: Give twice daily.

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Supply
1-30 lbs  1/8 tsp daily

 120 day supply

31-60 lbs

1/4 tsp daily

60 day supply

61-100 lbs  1/2 tsp daily

30 day supply

101 + lbs  1 tsp daily

15 day supply

Net Contents: 1.4oz (39g)

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Cost
1-30 lbs  1/8 tsp daily


31-60 lbs

1/4 tsp daily


61-100 lbs  1/2 tsp daily


101 + lbs  1 tsp daily


Net Contents: 1.4oz (39g)

What is the shelf life of Green Rover?

Green Rover has a shelf life of 2 years.

How much sulforaphane is in Green Rover?

A large dog dose contains 9.25 mg. A typical human dose ranges from 7 to 34mg for a 150-pound person, so there’s a good amount of sulforaphane in Green Rover.

Why do you use broccoli sprouts and not broccoli?

While all cruciferous vegetables contain sulforaphane, broccoli sprouts have the highest concentrations of any food.

Why is sulforaphane important?

Sulforaphane is a potent activator of the Nrf2 pathway. This is an important anti-inflammatory pathway. Chronic inflammation is the root of all chronic diseases and mutations, so it’s critical to limit the amount of inflammation in your dog.

How does Green Rover support the liver?

Green Rover is rich in sulforaphane, which activates Phase II liver detoxification. This helps remove toxins from the body and detoxify the liver and kidneys.

Why are the greens fermented?

Fermented foods are a good source of probiotics and postbiotics such as short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs are important activators of the immune system and help control inflammation in the body.

Why does Green Rover contain sweet potato?

The sweet potato is there to help ferment the greens. But the sweet potato accounts for less than 1% of the total product, so your dog only gets a minuscule amount of starch.

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