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"I have tried several other brands and this one is the best. I haven't found any fleas on my dogs and we take long walks through grassy areas."
Carla N.

kin + kind - Natural Flea & Tick Spray - Lavendar

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100% natural Flea & Tick Spray that you can apply directly on your dog weekly.

Finally, a chemical-free spray that helps protect your dog from potentially disease-ridden pests like fleas and ticks AND helps soothe itching and swelling from bites.


Natural, chemical-free flea and tick prevention for your dog or cat. Made with essential oils, it can help prevent or relieve itching, irritation and swelling. 

Perfect for your adventurous dog who loves hikes, parks, hunting or just being outside. Protect your dog or cat naturally from outside pests.


First apply to a small area on your dog to ensure no negative reactions.

If no negative reaction, apply generously to your dog's coat until slightly damp before outdoor adventures like hiking, visiting a park, hunting, or other significant places of exposure.

Active Ingredients

Peppermint Oil ................... 1.00%

Rosemary Oil ................... 1.00%

Cedarwood Oil ................. 0.20%

Other Ingredients 97.80% :

Water, Soap*, Glycercyl Strearate, Radish Ferment, Polglyceryl Oleate, Lavender Bud. 

*Made with coconut oil

Can this spray be used on pregnant and nursing dogs?

kin + kind doesn't use any harmful chemicals that could harm the dog or her pups, but we also always encourage talking to a vet who knows your dog's medical history, if you have any doubts.

Is it effective for other pests like mosquitoes?

kin + kind's products are designed and tested specifically for fleas and ticks but may have a residual effect on other pests.

How often should you spray your dog? Every time they go outside?

It really depends on how active your dog is and how much he goes out. A good rule of thumb is if you can smell the product (pleasant minty fragrance), you know it's working. kin + kind recommends giving an extra application before going on a hike where ticks and other pests could be present in large numbers, such as in high grass and woods.

Is it used as a treatment as well as a repellant?

Because kin + kind's Flea and Tick Spray provides full body saturation, it is a more effective method for treating an infestation.

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