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"This is a great safe all natural product for fleas. Can also be used on there bedding, your couch and carpet. Definitely works!"
Donna E.

DERmagic - Flea Dust

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Get rid of fleas, naturally!

With the convenient sprinkle top, apply DERMagic Flea Dust to your dog’s bedding, carpets, furniture, or anywhere your dog hangs out.

Eliminate fleas safely and effectively with DERMagic's Diatomaceous Earth Flea Dust. 

Toss the toxic chemicals, sprays, and drops and use Flea Dust with its convenient sprinkle top. It's safe for your dog (or cat) and safe for the environment.

Diatomaceous earth powder contains microscopic, razor-sharp edges that dehydrate bugs from the inside out. The sharp edges also shred the insects’ insides as well as their exoskeletons. Since the powder has a mechanical action, you don't have to worry about fleas becoming resistant to it, like so many chemical flea products.

Sprinkle on your pet's bedding, as well as on carpets, furniture, and anywhere else your pet hangs out. Leave Flea Dust down for about 24 hours, then vacuum. You can also use Flea Dust directly on your pet: just sprinkle lightly all over, pulling back the fur so you get the Flea Dust on the skin. Avoid getting dust in the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Human Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, from USA fresh water sources.

Safe for dogs and cats. All DERMagic products are made in the USA.

*Available to USA residents only

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